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Andrew Engineering has a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians who provide comprehensive support for rail depot equipment needs.

With custom designed rail wheels, turntables and automated handling systems in our repertoire, we’ve supported a number of systems throughout the country, ensuring they are up-to-date with Australian Standards. Andrew Engineering has created railway products for decades and our specialty knowledge is reflected in our innovative solutions.

What can Andrew Engineering do for you?

Our capabilities include:

  • Rebuilding or upgrading machines and equipment
  • Providing spare parts, in-house manufacture and OEM supply
  • Managing scheduled servicing
  • Delivering breakdown and on-call support

We are experts on Australian Standards for railway production and ensure all equipment and machinery is up to date. As an experienced engineering firm, we can also develop prototype parts, automated assembly systems and more.

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Discuss your design requirements with us and we will work to provide a custom solution for your business. We work in a collaborative environment that helps you to develop your specified needs and allows us to construct a solution that’s customised to your business needs. If you are interested in working with us, please fill out an enquiry form online, and we can discuss the work you require.

Automated Handling

Andrew Engineering operates turnkey automated wheel and car repair shops that feature robotic handling, automated test and measure, disassembly, and assembly systems. We can design and manufacture purpose-built automated handling systems to improve safety, reduce labour hours and rolling stock down-time.

Bogie Exchange System

The Bogie Exchange System is an electric, pendant controlled system, designed and manufactured by Andrew Engineering for the purpose of exchanging passenger fleet vehicle bogies for service and maintenance requirements. The BES ergonomic design allows rail maintenance operators to disconnect the bogies from both sides at floor level and underneath between the rails. With a car body lift of only 50mm, the BES allows other rolling stock maintenance procedures to be conducted simultaneously enabling a faster maintenance turnaround time. Andrew Engineering prides itself on meeting and exceeding our client’s requirements and is capable of customising the design of the BES to suit all makes and models of vehicles, whether it is for a single bogie station or an entire car set. The single station BES is capable of removing and replacing one bogie at a time. This system encompasses a number of items, which can be considered discrete units for the purposes of operation and maintenance. These items are:

  • Car Body Jacks (CBJ)
  • Removable Rails (RR)
  • Head & Tailstock
  • Drop Machine Jack (DMJ)
  • Side Shifter (SS)
  • Control Pendants

The multiple station BES is capable of removing and replacing an entire car set of a full length train without the need to move the train once it has been positioned. The stations are dedicated to exchanging either a leading or trailing bogie.


Andrew Engineer has designed a powered bogie turntable that is state of the art and robust, needing little to no maintenance. It is intended for both passenger fleet vehicles and ore car bogies. Key Features:

  • Programmable index speeds and ramps
  • Precision indexing
  • Rotation locking unit
  • Easy access to drive motor
  • Bogie Centralisers
  • Audible & visual alarms when indexing
  • Manual override
  • Lockable electrical isolator
  • Emergency stop button

Our turntables are manufactured in-house in Heidelberg West, Victoria and are customised to meet our client’s requirements which can include:

  • Rail gauge
  • Bogie size
  • Axle load
  • 2 –Way or 4-Way crossover
  • Forklift drive over load
  • Interlocking with depot protections systems or other third party equipment
  • Finished surface – Galvanised or Anti-Slip

We have installed numerous bogie turntables in multiple rail maintenance depots across the country, our clients include:

  • Pacific National
  • Fortescue Metals Group
  • Roy Hill
  • Bombardier
  • Downer EDI


Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS)

The DPPS is a standard product developed by Zonegreen over many years for the protection of both personnel working within railway depots & infrastructure from train movements. The system, installed throughout the UK and across the world, allows the safe and efficient control of train movements within depots – crucial in today’s busy working environments. The system’s features include powered derailers, road end control panels, personal datakeys, train detection equipment, warning beacons and klaxons, integrated through an intelligent distributed control network.

Road Entrance Panel

Road Entrance Panels (REP) are used to control the operation of the physical protection device (i.e. derailers), and to initiate train movements into or out of the maintenance building. The REP’s are also used by staff for the application and removal of personnel protection using their Datakeys prior to starting and on completion of their work activities within the depot. When staff are logged on to a road, the REP prevents the derailer being lowered, providing them with physical protection from train movements.


Zonegreen’s proprietary powered derailer is powered by way of a 240VAC:110VAC transformer and is operated by Road Entrance Panels. The control units are IP66 rated and are housed within Zonegreen’s standard fibreglass cover adjacent to the derailer headworks.

Interlock Panel

Andrew Engineering has designed a Safety PLC Category 3 Interlock Panel for enabling & disabling third party road equipment. The Interlock Panel interfaces directly with Zonegreen’s DPPS, indicating when all road equipment is in a safe position and the DPPS can initiate a train movement.

Equipment Supply

Andrew Engineering is the sales and service agent for Eurogamma, Zonegreen and NITEQ equipment. We can supply:

  • Eurogamma lifting jacks
  • Zonegreen depot protection systems and management
  • NITEQ shunters
  • Hegenscheidt wheel profiling equipment
  • Bogie exchange systems

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