Downer EDI Rail has become the first in New South Wales and third across Australia to have Andrew Engineering to Supply and Install the Zone Green New Generation Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS)

Situated in western Sydney, the Auburn depot maintains the Millennium, SGT and Waratahfleet of Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains and will continue to do so for the next 20 years. Until now, the depot has used manual derailers to provide protection for staff. Whilst manual derailers offer protection from unauthorised vehicle movements, the manual operation of the unit imports other risks, including the potential for slips, trips and falls; trapping injuries and staff walking in front of live vehicles. It was clear a change was needed.

Working with Downer EDI Rail, Andrew Engineering/Zonegreen has installed the DPPS to automate safety procedures; eliminating the margin for human error and improving the efficiency of train movements. This will enable Downer EDI Rail to service the 117 Waratah trains currently housed at Auburn and to meet any future demands.

The seven road depot has been fitted with 14 powered derailers to provide physical protection for staff. Personnel log onto the DPPS at road end panels, using personal datakeys, which in turn inhibits the derailer from being lowered. This creates a safe zone in which to work.

In addition, interconnections with the existing Machine Interface System ensures safe integration of Maintenance Equipment, the Retractable Overhead, & Shunt Signal into the DPPS whilst newly installed Beacons and klaxons give personnel audible and visual warnings of train movements. Once stabled, the train key can be placed in an electronic lock box thereby integrating Train Isolation.

In the MDM office, the DPPS Depot Manager Suite monitors the status of all the roads and provides information to maintenance personnel assisting with pre-start maintenance planning.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s technical director, said: “We are extremely proud that the first maintenance depot in New South Wales has selected DPPS to provide a safe working environment for personnel. Working with Andrew Engineering again on this project has been a pleasure, after successfully completing DPPS installations together at depots in Queensland and Victoria in the last four years. The innovative software used not only makes it easier to support and manage international installation, but is future proofed to allow for modifications and upgrades at Auburn, offering guaranteed protection for staff for many years to come.”

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