Zone Green Depot Protection Systems

Modern Electronically Controlled Platform. Train & Tram Movements in and out of Railway Depots present a significant risk to both Personnel and Maintenance Equipment.

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At low speed, Railway Vehicles generate little to no sound and personnel may therefore be unaware of Movements unless actively involved.

Traditional methods of protection such as Manual Derailers and Lock Boxes were often disjointed in their approach, resulting in limited protection or accidental vehicle derailments. In addition, as the level and complexity of the activity increased, the shear number of locks required made for cumbersome operation and encouraged non-compliance.
The Zone Green Depot Personnel Protection System eliminates these issues by seamlessly integrating Personnel and Equipment related Hazards into a Modern Electronically Controlled Platform.

The System uses Road Entrance Panels (REP) and Interlock Panels (IP) to monitor both Personnel Related Activity and the status of Road Based Maintenance Equipment. These panels control all activity including Logging the Presence of Personnel, Isolating, Energising & Retracting the Overhead Lines, Enabling & Disabling Road based Equipment, Allowing Access to Restricted Areas (Mezzanines), and Permitting Movements only when the road is Safe. (Shunt Signal Control)
Features such as Encrypted Personnel Keys with Differential Authority Levels, Powered Derailers, Integrated Warning Systems (Audible & Visual) and Continuous Safe Monitoring, reduce the Isolation Burden on Maintainers and encourages Safe Behaviour.

Its integrated nature eliminates the disjointed features of older systems and eliminates/reduces the associated hazards. Andrew Engineering’s experienced team of Designers, Engineers and Project Managers can further assist Clients with Functional Safety and SIL requirements ensuring that the Overall Project meets the highest level of safety and compliance.

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