Bogie Exchange Systems

ARGUS inspection and testing technology. Efficient Bogie Replacement is a Critical Element of any Railway Service Depot.

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Unserviceable defects prevent the release of Vehicles exposing Maintainers to vehicle availability issues and Operational Damages.

Traditional Deep Pit Systems carry the burden of Expensive Capital Infrastructure Costs and on-going Confined Space Issues. Additionally, connecting and disconnecting the Bogie is an uncomfortable exercise due to the Restrictive Nature of these tables. The Andrew Engineering Bogie Exchange System offers a Superior Solution to these traditional systems by removing the need for deep pits and confined spaces.

The Innovative design allows Presentation of the Rail Vehicle on Elevated Rail 900mm above the surrounding Workshop Floor giving clear access to the external Car/Bogie Interface. The drop table is suspended between the rails so the maintainer can adjust this to an ergonomic height for internal disconnections prior to entering the workspace.

Once disconnected, the Car Body is suspended on Portal Style Jacks, the Drop Table (Complete with Side Shifter or Turntable depending upon configuration) lifts the Bogie off the Rails allowing these to retract and create the space for lowering the Bogies.

Once lowered, the maintainers either side shift the bogie into the aisle (side shifter style) or uses a tug to remove the bogie from the integrated turntable. (turntable style). The procedure is reversed for installing the new bogie.
The system is full electromechanical control, removing the hazards and noise associated with more traditional hydraulic systems.

Functional safety and control meet the highest standards and quality with easy to use visual interfaces and intuitive fault and error detection.

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