Rail Vehicle Traversers

The Andrew Engineering Heavy Duty Rail Traverser is the Ideal Machine for the Modern Vehicle Manufacturing and Repair Workshop.

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The Traverser Consists of a Heavy-Duty Code Compliant Steel Bridge Design with Integrated Rail Tracks, Operator Cabins and Access Ramps.

The Traverser Movements are controlled using Synchronised Variable Speed Gear Motors that apply power to the wheels through a final Reduction Drive. The nature of the drive ensures highly accurate speed control and stopping, ensuring ease of alignment with shop rails. In addition, each end of the Traverser is fitted with an independent slewing function to correct for shop rail positional errors.

Ramp Control is achieved via Independent Hydraulic Systems located at each end of the Traverser, localising hydraulic services and minimising performance losses due to long hose runs.

The Operator Cabins contain all of the features necessary to Safely and Comfortably Operate the Units including Internal and Area Lighting, Climate Control, Sound Proofing, Flood Lights for Night-time Operation. The Control Console is Ergonomically designed with Easy to Use Joystick for Forward and Reverse Movements, Push Buttons for Ramp and Slew Control and a Diagnostics Display Screen for Real Time Operator Information.

The Traverser is Powered using its own Diesel Generator with Integrated Remote starting and performance diagnostics. Batteries are continuously trickle feed charged using Solar Panels ensuring Long Battery Life and High Equipment Availability.

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