Eurogamma Railway Lifting Jacks

Lifting and maintenance systems for all types of rolling stock. For over 40 years Eurogamma has supplied high quality Synchronised Mobile Train Lifting Jacks throughout Europe and around the World.

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Andrew Engineering commenced its partnership with Eurogamma and, for the over a decade, has sold, serviced and supported these Lifting Jacks.

The Eurogamma Lifting Jacks range in load capacity from 5 to 50 metric tonnes. The main lifting mechanism consist of a gear motor driven precision rolled screw coupled to a roller guided lifting anvil via a floating nut arrangement. The design ensures zero applied moment to the lead screw ensuring low noise and long service life.

The jacks are fully compliant with local and international standards with features such as load detection, safety nuts, nut wear and failure detection, obstruction detection and asynchronous lifting detection supplied as standard.

The control system utilises highly reliable serial communication that allows synchronised lifting with set sizes ranging from 4 to 52 units. Interconnections are via combination cables that carry all the power and communication requirements between the jacks and the control console.

Visual displays and tactile buttons reduce training time and the intuitive displays ensure operators receive clear instruction on operation and error functions. Features such as local and remote operations ensure operators always maintain a clear line of sight between the vehicle lift and any equipment or personnel related hazards.

Andrew Engineering’s experienced team of Designers, Engineers and Project Managers can further assist Clients with additional design interface issues such as road protection and overhead isolation by integrating the Jacks with third party devices.

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