Wilcomatic Train Washes

Fast and efficient surfaces cleaning. Wilcomatic Train and Tram Wash Systems provide a fast and efficient way of cleaning the exterior surfaces of Railway Vehicles.

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The Systems consist of a Wash Hall containing Pre-Wash Spray Heads, Motorised Brushes, Final Rinse and Soft Water Sprays, Blow Dryers and a Plant Room for Water Treatment.

The Innovative design allows for automatic startup and cleaning of the vehicles by utilising position sensors, stop indicators and brush load control, to ensure thorough cleaning without scratching or damage. The process produces results that demonstrate to the public the asset owner’s commitment to quality.

The Water Treatment Plant captures and recycles over 95% of the water used and, when combined with rain water tanks, can operate without the need to tap into the mains. Sand and Carbon Filtration ensure clean and odourless storage and dosing kills biological agents to eliminate water borne agents.

The Control System is networkable allowing remote starting, data acquisition and transfer and Integration into Third Party Asset Management Systems. With the Integration of RFID, CCTV and Display Boards, the system provides asset maintainers with the highest level of control and monitoring, even when the wash is installed in remote locations.

For Turnkey Solutions, Andrew Engineering’s experienced team of Designers, Engineers and Project Managers can further assist Clients with Concept Layouts, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and on-going Through Life Support Services.

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