Bogie & Wheelset Turntables

The Bogie Turntable is an in ground unit. Andrew Engineering offers a full range of powered and unpowered turntables to cover the various needs of client Workshops, Depots and Wheelset Production Lines.

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The Turntables come in two-way or four-way configurations and can handle cross over loads of up to 45 tonnes. In addition, the heavy-duty lid construction handles applied workshop loads of Forktrucks and Semi-Trailers.

Whether unpowered or powered, all tables use a central pillar arrangement with either a plain or geared slew ring. Control Gear such as drive motors and shot pin blocks are centrally located within the pillar minimising installation costs and facilitating ease of maintenance.

Powered tables are controlled from a Main Console with simple clockwise and counter clockwise buttons for normal use. Locking shot pins engage automatically once the table aligns with the shop rails. The tables include manual functionality for servicing and testing and override features that allow use in the event of power loss. Tooling to enact this feature is supplied as standard.

The tables are designed with a low profile minimising civil construction costs and all structures are industrially galvanised to ensure protection throughout the 25-year design life.

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