Hegenscheidt MFD Rerailing Equipment

Lift, lower, push or pull with milimetre accuracy. Hegenscheidt MFD provides the world’s most Extensive Range of rerailing equipment covering all necessary equipment for recovering derailed Vehicles.

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The Extensive Range includes Petrol and Diesel Power Packs (Battery & Pull start), Control Benches, Telescopic Lifting Cylinders, Rail Bridges, Lateral Displacement Cylinders, Swivel Carriages, false trucks, Airbags and several other innovative solutions to recover vehicles under the most challenging conditions.

The Innovative Equipment is manufactured using light weight materials such as Aluminium, minimising the stress and strain on the recovery team and allowing them to position it in places where heavier equipment is impractical. Integrated Safety valves and high pressure leak free couplings and hoses ensure safe and efficient operation, while colour coding and fool proofing ensure safe system connection.

In addition to supply, Andrew Engineering can Engineer customised adaptors, lifting solutions and support stands that make the equipment suitable for a range of Non-Standard Applications.

We also offer Through Life Support Services via our Melbourne based Test Facility where we can Strip, Examine, Overhaul and Re-certify equipment.

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