Bogie Test Stands

Set the primary suspension of a passenger bogie. The Andrew Engineering Bogie Test Stand provides a cost-effective way for Maintainers to load and set the primary suspension of a passenger bogie using the Force Displacement Method.

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The stand consists of a Heavy Structural Steel Portal Style Frame with Integrated Loading Bay allowing Loading of the Bogies away from the Sensitive Measuring Instruments.

Once loaded, the Maintainer indexes and positions the Bogie inside the Portal Frame using an Integrated Chain Drive. Forces are then Applied to the Bogies using Adjustable High Capacity Hydraulic Cylinders with integrated Load Cells and Displacement Transducers.

The Independent Wheel Loading is captured via the use of Precision Load Cells integrated into the Base of the Test Stand. The Primary Suspension Displacement caused by the application of this load is determined via the use of Electronic Displacement Transducers.

The Bogie Test Stand Control System complete with Full Graphics Based Human Machine Interface uses the data to determine whether the Bogie complies with the Manufacturer’s Specifications and determines the magnitude of adjustment required in the event of errors.

The continuous monitoring of the force displacement curves prevents damage in the case of defective springs and further allows the Maintainers to determine whether the Primary Suspension Springs are fit for purpose.

Data Capture and Reporting comes standard and Clients can network the machine to share the data with third party applications.

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