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Architectural Façade Access Doors

Modern High Rise Buildings maintain the aesthetic look of the façade by concealing the services area and maintenance equipment behind Operable Façade Doors.

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Given the operating size of equipment such as Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s), these doors are often required to span several metres of live edge and create an opening several metres high. Once clad, these doors regularly support several tonnes of weight and must resist the type of wind loads and gusts experienced regularly at altitude.

Regardless of the Architectural complexity, Andrew Engineering can supply innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions to meet the project requirements. Our range includes sliding, pivoting, bi-fold and lost motion methods, operated via chain drive or gear motor and controlled using Variable Speed Drive Technology.

Our sophisticated and reliable electronics for secure operation, accurate positioning, obstruction detection, and third party interlocking prevent incidents and accidents associated with accidental or deliberate misuse. Simple and clear operator interfaces reduce the required level of operator training. Remote diagnostics allow us to support trouble shooting activities and reduce downtime.

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